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Getting Local with Long Island Wines and Foods

Posted by Amanda on 3/24/12

Eating locally is a growing trend in the United States. Along with eating locally, you might consider drinking locally as well. Those living in and around the New York area are fortunate to have access to all of the wonderful Long Island wineries as well as bounty of farm-to-table programs available from Long Island and even from upstate New York. Taking advantage of these programs will allow you to have food and wine you can actually feel good about enjoying and sharing with your friends.

Touring and Tasting

To get more personal with the wines you are purchasing, you may want to tour the Long Island wineries. These provide you with the ability to understand the process of making the wines that you enjoy so much. Seeing and smelling the dirt gives you a sense of connection between the wine and the earth that it is coming from.

While at the winery, take your time to taste each of the different kinds of wines. While you taste the wines, imagine what kinds of foods you would pair it with. This will allow you to envision the kinds of local foods you will be able to enjoy along with the wines. Purchase as much wine as you can store and consume so you will be able to fully enjoy the experience.

Farm-to-Table Programs

Making sure that you are getting all of the flavor from each meal is possible whenever you are
signing up to get your foods right from the farmers. Look into the programs that allow you to get baskets of fresh produce periodically. You will be able to enjoy the freshest produce without ever having to go to a farmer's market again.
Many of these programs allow you to make requests about the kind of produce you would like to see in your basket. If it is not something that they normally grow, many farmer will simply plant what you are requesting and add it into your basket when it is ready for harvest. If you have a relationship with the farmer, you can visit the farm and see your produce being grown.

More than Produce

Keep in mind that there are many kinds of farms on Long Island. You will be able to get local duck, beef, chicken and more. Try samplings of all of the local meats and seafood so you can discover the flavors you want to combine with the great locally made wines. Remember that when you are pairing a robust wine that you want to have a dish that is also robust so that the flavors will marry perfectly rather than one drowning the other out.

Sharing with Others

As you will discover while you are touring Long Island wineries, there is a spirit of togetherness and sharing in wineries. This is a spirit you should bring along with you whenever you are buying and enjoying locally. Make sure that you are inviting friends over to share a meal in which you are serving local wines and foods. You will be able to enjoy what you have purchased even more when you discuss the flavors with those you are sharing it with. You may even want to share any photos you took while you were choosing the wines and produce that went into the meal. This will allow your guests to have a deeper connection with what they are enjoying. You may even discover that your friends are interested in going to the Long Island wineries with you the next time you go. It is always a great reason to get out of the house and tour more wineries.

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