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Long Island Meadery

1347 Lincoln Avenue
Holbrook, NY 11741
631-472-7310 (fax)

Long Island Meadery

Wineries can be entertaining for the weekend, but is there something more than entertaining than wine? According to the Long Island Meadery there is. Mead is an alcoholic beverage that has been around for centuries. It comes from fermenting honey and is known as wine beer. It can be very sweet, thanks to the honey, but can also be considered very dry. Mead can also be made sparkling and have a low alcohol content too.

So now, you want to try mead and are wondering where to go. Long Island Meadery has this honey wine for you to taste and enjoy. They offer mead plain with just honey or with fruit, spices, or vegetables to give it a unique flavor and taste. This would definitely be a fun getaway for you and the girls or get your man in the car and say you are going to have honey beer. Enough said.

Mead tasting events are offered at the Long Island Meadery. For first timers it can be an eye opening experience to a new drink and those who love mead can keep coming back for more year after year. Wine stores in the New York area sell mead so when you leave the meadery you will not have to go far for that distinct honey flavor. In addition, you can become a member of the mead club. This entitles you to two bottles a month, four bottles a month or a case of month depending on what type of membership that you choose.

Long Island Meadery can become a new favorite of yours to visit with one sip of mead. This new honey drink, honey wine they call it, will be the talk of the town and may just spark conversations with old and new friends alike.


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