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Golfing and Long Island Wineries – A Great Combo

Posted by Amanda on 3/25/11

Part of the reason why wine is so beloved by such a wide cross section of the population is because it is an addition to a lifestyle. Many of those who enjoy drinking wine from Long Island wineries also enjoy playing golf. It is no coincidence that there are so many great golf courses you can enjoy close to all of the wineries you will find on the Forks. Test your skills at the different courses during the day and enjoy all of the wines the local wineries have to offer at night. It is a great way to round out a vacation day in a wonderful vacation paradise.

Public and Private Courses

There are many wonderful golf courses you will be able to choose from, but there are some that are privately owned courses. These courses will not allow you to play on the course unless you are a guest of a member. Making connections on Long Island will help you to find members of these private courses that allow you to play when you want to. Of course, if you live in the area or if you visit often, you may even consider trying to join the golf course. This will require the assistance of a member and often means going through a process in which you are considered.

For those simply looking to get out and play, you can try out courses like Island's End. This is an 18-hole course located in Greenport, NY and offers you challenging holes you can enjoy playing. If you are looking to play a shorter round of golf, you can try out the Shelter Island Country Club. Here, you will find a 9-hole golf course that is still challenging enough. No matter which you choose, you will likely have to contend with coastal winds and tough hazards that require every shot in your bag.

Relaxing After Playing

After you have finished a round of golf, you will be able to enjoy something to eat and some great wines from local Long Island wineries. Most of these golf courses feature local wines to make sure that local golfers and vacationing golfers alike will be able to appreciate the flavors produced right up the road from the course. If possible, make sure that you are drinking your wine on the porch overlooking the golf course. It is a great way to get outside and enjoy the local weather while you are enjoying the local wine.

Package Deals

There are some packages available through Long Island wineries, golf courses and hotels that provide you with a package allowing you to enjoy golf and wine tours. These packages make it possible to save money on each of these activities. Paying for everything in advance assures you will receive all of the fun you want to have on your vacation without having to pay full price. It also makes sure that you do not have to figure out what you will do while you are relaxing.

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