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How to choose the Proper Wine Glasses

Posted by Amanda on 5/24/10

Even on a budget, you can purpose wine glasses that will allow you to enjoy the flavor and aroma of your favorite wines. The multi-purpose wine glasses will work great for all wines. The guidelines for purchasing these glasses are to make sure you buy ones that are eight to ten inches in height. The bowl should be deep but moderate when it comes to the diameter.

The glass should be thin and clear. You do not want to purchase wine glasses with decoration or of various colors. To enjoy a glass of wine, you must take in all aspects of the wine including the color and clarity with wine glasses that are not clear you will not experience the full effect of the wine.

If you prefer a specific type of wine, you may wish to purchase wine glasses that are designed perfectly for the wines. The Riedel wine glass company started this tradition by designing wine glasses shaped in the proper way to bring out the unique characteristics of the various types of wines

You can find Chardonnay wine glasses, Bordeaux wine glasses, Champagne glasses, and more. If you notice the various styles of wine glasses, you will see that champagne glasses have a narrow opening whereas other wine glasses have a wider opening. The reason is that some wines you wish to experience the aroma whereas with champagne you do not want the bubbles to escape.

Never use the dishwasher to clean your wine glasses. Wine glasses need to be washed by hand with a mild detergent and then dried with a soft cloth.

As you serve your wine to guests, you should only fill one third of the glass. The reasons are that the room in the glass allows for the aroma to finds it way up the sides of the glass and it allows rooms for your guests to swirl the wine without the worry of spilling the wine.

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