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Red Zinfandel Wine Guide

Posted by Amanda on 6/1/10

The Red Zinfandel grape story is not what many American believe which is that the zinfandel was a native Californian grape. In fact, the zinfandel grape is originally from Croatia and was very popular in Italy and the Roman Empire. The wine of this era was called primitive and the grape home to Croatia was called Crljenak.

The zinfandel grape was introduced to America by way of California in the early 1800’s and thus the wine created from these grapes was soon favored throughout the United States. Today, the grape is grown in cool coastal regions, especially California.

The wine is a deep red almost black wine with a spicy peppery taste. A background fruity flavor can be distinguished such as dark cherries or berries. Red Zinfandel is enjoyed with American foods such as burgers, pizza, and all red sauce foods.

Red Zinfandel wine should be served at 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not take for granted that this wine should be served at room temperature. Today, this is not a true statement as no one keeps their home at the optimal serving temperature for any wines. Room temperatures are often a bit warmer or cooler than 65 degrees Fahrenheit and refrigerators on average are 35 degrees Fahrenheit. You can cool the wine in the refrigerator but let it sit for about 30 minutes to an hour before serving which will allow the wine to warm.

Red Zinfandel can be aged if a person desires as the aroma and taste can become enhanced with time. On the other hand, most wine connoisseurs enjoy red zinfandel within a year or two of creation. The best way to enjoy red zinfandel is by drinking from a narrow mouthed glass.

Red Zinfandel and White Zinfandel are both created from the zinfandel grape but these wines have nothing in common besides the grapes that are used in the creation. The skins are left intact during the creation of red zinfandel and are the root of the robust flavor and color that is enjoyed with this wine. White zinfandel is made from removing the skins and the creation of a light and sweet wine.

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