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Rose Wine Guide

Posted by Amanda on 7/8/09

Rose wine is a category of wine just like red or white. The proper pronunciation is roh- ZAY and is named for the pale red color of the wine. The names is used for any wine is light red to pink. White Zinfandel is one of the most popular rose wines, which is often also called blush wines.

In most cases, rose wines are created from red wine grapes. One thing you must know is that all grapes are white on the inside and the color of the wine comes from the skins. To create white wines, the skins are removed; to create red wines the skins are left on during the process; and to make rose wines the skins are left on for a specific time. The longer the skins remain on the grapes the darker and richer the color of the wine will become.

Now, with this understood, to create a light pink or blush color the skins can only touch the wine for a very short time. Remember the longer the skins are left to touch the wine the darker the wine will become, thus timing is everything to create light pink wines. The flavor of rose or blush wines is also light and fruity.

Rose wines can be dry or sweet and is not necessarily sweet like you might expect. The creation of rose wine is truly up to the wine maker. Rose wine goes will with light dishes and salads. The next time you are having a light lunch such as a chef salad try a rose wine, you may find a new favorite.

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