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Bouke Wines

35 Cox Neck Road
Mattituck, NY 11952

Bouke Wines

A bouquet of flowers can make an evening special. Fruity and earthy notes from wine can be just as special. Bouke Wines are like liquid bouquets for your dinner party, business meeting, or wedding celebration. Their wines are made to please every palette and entertain the senses. Bouke Wines offer selections that are red, rose, white, and dessert so that every meal will be delicious and every palette will be pleased.

The 2008 Bouke White comes from no other than the North Folk of Long Island. That is, of course, wine country and only the best wines are produced and distributed there. The Bouke White has a straw color with notes of floral hints and fruits. It is almost like a fruit bowl wine with pear, mango, citrus, pineapple, and passion fruit. Try it with cheese, sushi, or shrimp for a great pairing.

If it is red wine that your palette craves, then try the 2007 Bouke Red Wine. It has notes that do not just rely on one flavor. One taste and you will savor blackberry, black cherry, and black currant with a spicy side of black pepper and chocolate mocha. Try this rich wine with dark chocolate or a nice steak. Now that you have had dinner move on to the 2008 Bouquet Dessert Wine. It has a taste that pairs oranges with ginger, passion fruit, lychee, and rose. Try it with foie gras for a unique flavor.

Bouke Wines have tastes that please all of the customers who try their wines. The notes in the wines are unique and flavorful and that keeps Bouke at the top of every wine lovers list for parties, weddings, and Sunday afternoons. Find a bottle of Bouke today and open up your senses and taste buds to a new way to drink wine.


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