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Jason's Vineyard

1785 Main Road
Jamesport, NY 11947

Jason's Vineyard
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Jason’s Vineyard has a rich history that actually started with Jason and the Argonauts. Jason received education from Chiron and learned a variety of things like plant life. Jason Damianos owns Jason's Vineyard and his upbringing was full of poets and gods. Just like Jason and the Argonauts, he has the experience that has made the vineyard popular for so many years.

The vineyard has a prime location in the North Folk region in Long Island. Its 20 acres sets up visitors with stunning views and a place to hold special events. The fruit for the wines are set up to close to one another and that promotes superior growth for great tasting wines. Jason’s Vineyard has wines that combine merlot, cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon for a unique taste and flavor. It has rich earthy flavor that can be served when it is ready or aged for an even better taste.

The tasting room can be used for a weekend get together or a blossoming romance. You and your friends or loved ones can enjoy wines like the Golden Fleece, a 2006 Chardonnay, a rose wine with strawberries, raspberries and cherries or a 2000 Meritage. The 2000 Merlot can also be enjoyed in the tasting room or outdoors. Jason’s Vineyard also offers a dessert wine from 2006 that has notes of dried fruits, black cherries, and raisins. It pairs well with cheeses and chocolate.

Whether you are making a pasta dish, beef, poultry, seafood or lamb entree or a meal for a picnic during a nice spring day one of Jason's wines can compliment your meal nicely. Wine is the perfect accompaniment to great company, a relaxing atmosphere, and interesting conversation. Open a bottle, pour a glass, and take a sip. See where the night takes you.


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