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Diliberto Winery

250 Manor Lane
Jamesport, NY 11947
631-722-2528 (fax)

Diliberto Winery

Wine and pasta go together harmoniously and no one knows that better than Sal and Maryann Diliberto in Long Island. These two love wine and want to share their winery with others, but they have a creative spin that they put into their wines. They are Italian and proud of their heritage. The Diliberto Winery gives their tasting room an Italian flare and you can see it in action when you visit the winery.

The tasting room has an atmosphere that resembles an Italian Piazza straight from Italy. There is no bar for wine testers to sit at. When you visit Diliberto, you get the family style treatment. You are seated at an outdoor covered patio with views of the vineyard or sit inside of the tasting room with a mural that mirrors an outdoor café setting that you might find in cities like Tuscany.

Like all great wineries, Diliberto has the perfect setting for the wedding of your dreams. A perfect wedding has to have the perfect wine and Diliberto has what you are looking for. Your wedding will be outdoors with the vineyards as your decorations and the reception can easily be held in the tasting room with its deck and caters provided by the winery. You can place tents between the tasting room and the vineyard so your guests can dance the night away. A picture perfect setting for a picture perfect day for any style of wedding.

At Diliberto, the atmosphere is family style meets great wine. They have the beautiful notes in both reds and whites that can turn your event into a memorable occasion that will last a lifetime. Get your weekend started off the right way with a trip to the Diliberto Winery with great company rather it be friends or as newlyweds.


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Diliberto Winery Reviews
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Date posted: August 15, 2015
Review: We love Diliberto's Winery. The wine is great and so is the pizza. If you love think crispy crust, you will love their pizza. Their olive oil crackers go well with their wine, too. The atmosphere is just right. Enjoy their newest wine, Cantina.
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