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Croteaux Vineyards

1450 South Harbor Road
Southold, NY 11971
631-765-6034 (fax)

Croteaux Vineyards
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Croteaux Vineyards have a rich history with an appearance that includes the Howell farm, Stepnoski family farm, the farmhouse, and the barn. They all are iconic features of a place that celebrates everything to do with wine. When you step onto the vineyards, you will feel a sense of family and warmth with the surroundings and the great tasting wine.

The vineyards offer dry and fruity pink wines that mimic those ones that have been made in France for many centuries. These rose colored beauties can make your weekend shine as your trip into wine country begins. Croteaux is actually quite generous with their wine making. They sell close to fifty percent of the fruit that is grown to the local winery Channing Daughters and use the remaining to make their delicate rose selections.

So you have made the trip into wine country and have chosen Croteaux Vineyards as your final destination. Imagine taking a road trip with your girlfriends to sip wine, talk, and laugh the night away. Private parties and birthdays can be celebrated at Croteaux too under the stars or indoors.

The Croteaux Merlot 3 Rose makes for a perfect evening outdoors with its notes of vanilla, butterscotch, and praline. A great wine for an Autumn evening. The Croteaux Cuvee Sparkle is a new release, which is a blend of three wines. Its notes of cherries, strawberries, and grapefruit zest are just heavenly. Other wines at Croteaux have sweet notes of fruit that make for delicious conversations and evenings that you never want to end.

Make Croteaux Vineyards a part of your wine journey when you stroll through wine country. They have a family style atmosphere that welcomes every visitor with open arms and a glass of rose wine that will delight your senses and excite your palette.

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Croteaux Vineyards Reviews
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Date posted: June 2, 2013
Review: Short story: extremely terrible customer service. Clearly not supportive of those that are conscious of drunk driving and have opted to have a designated driver. I went with a group of four friends and my brother dropped us as he was the designated driver..we didn't even make it in the door before the woman behind the counter had told us that we could not be dropped off in their driveway because they have limited parking and did not Want the extra traffic. We would have to walk down their long driveway to be picked up alongside the main road. This obviously makes no sense as he would not have parked the car- he just wanted to drop us off. Not to mention that their parking lot was practically empty. The woman was extremely rude and not accommodating in the slightest. We decided not to stay and found a better winery down the road without an attitude problem.
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