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One Woman Vineyards

5195 Old North Road
Southold, NY 11971

One Woman Vineyards

One Woman Vineyards was created by one woman for many to enjoy great tasting wine. That woman is Claudia Purita and her dedication and commitment to wine making is what makes the vineyard so popular back then and today. The vineyard was named for Claudia's father Domenico and today it is still producing wine, by hand, for you and yours.

The wine process can take long hours and at One Woman, you can see it first hand. There are wine tours and wine tasting events to showcase the hard work and dedication. Rotting fruit gets removed with tweezers by hand. The end result is a taste that is unbeatable. A weekend journey to the vineyards is the perfect destination for you and your girlfriends, a birthday celebration or even the most perfect day of all: your wedding day.

Wine tasting is relatively inexpensive, fun for everyone and you may just find your new favorite glass of red or white. One Woman Vineyards offers Rose, Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer wines for sampling. Your weekend will be filled with a variety of wines and you can visit the tasting room Thursday through Sunday. You and your friends or lover can sip on delicious notes of vanilla and lemon while taking in the picturesque views outdoors.

Every great journey must come to an end, but you can take One Woman wine home with you or enjoy it throughout the city. The internet can serve as your wine connection as One Woman wine varieties can be purchased online. New York Restaurants even serve a variety of these wines. A glass of red or white can be ordered at the Waldorf Astoria, BLT Steak, or the Four Seasons. One sip and you will be back at One Woman sipping your way to relaxation.


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