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Pindar Vineyards

Main Road, Rt. 25
Peconic, NY 11958
631-734-6205 (fax)

Pindar Vineyards
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Pindar Vineyards have something for everyone. There is a lush sunflower field where families can pick flowers and donate to charity. There are wine tours throughout the vineyard and wine tasting events at the end. At the vineyards, the staff will walk you through the wine making process with all the facts to keep you interested and entertained.

Pindar does have a family atmosphere. They have a dog named Jake Damianos who provides fun for the kids. Between the sunflower field and the dog the kiddos will have something to do while taking in the scenic beauty. For the elders weddings can be arranged to take place there with the vineyards as the backdrop for the reception and the wedding photos. You can have business meetings, weekend getaways with your girlfriends and romantic weekends with your boyfriend or husband at Pindar.

The Pavilion at Pindar creates the perfect place for private parties and even your wedding. It is lined with wood and if an outdoor wedding is what you crave then Pindar will put up tents to conceal the sun or snowflakes away. If you just want to get away and have a relaxing time, then Pindar is for you. The Pavilion can host live music events and champagne tours complete with hors d'oeuvres. You can even have a wine dinner, walk through the winery, and enjoy a wine tasting.

At Pindar, your weekend will feel like a life time away and you can take a piece of the vineyards home with you.

Gifts for others who love wine or trinkets for you to remember your vacation can be bought from the Pindar Vineyards. The Port Jefferson Wine Shop has everything that you need to complete your wine collection. You can purchase bottles of wine, glasses, and even gift sets for friends and family.

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