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Palmer Vineyards

108 Sound Avenue, Rte. 48
Riverhead, NY 11901
631-722-5364 (fax)

Palmer Vineyards
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Palmer Vineyards is a family style place with activities for both kids and adults alike. The vineyards can also be used for just about any planned activity that you can think of. Weddings, bridal showers, birthday parties and just hanging out with great company can all be arranged to be held at Palmer Vineyards. Palmer Vineyards came from the mastermind Bob Palmer and his name is on every single bottle that comes out of the vineyards.

For an outdoor wedding Palmer Vineyards has a great covered deck for your guests. Out on the lawn the reception can be held under tents and then the party can get started with everyone sipping wine in front of the picturesque vineyards. You can even have a wedding with no tents and use the sunlight or moonlight as your backdrop. Every detail of your wedding will be carefully calculated by the staff.

Springtime a special visitor comes to the Palmer Vineyards for the kiddos. The guest is the Easter Bunny and with him he brings a day filled with an egg hunt across the beautiful vineyards. Other kid friendly activities include hayrides, Trick or Treating at the vineyards and a Christmas choir. Once the kid fun is over the adults can go on a wine tour and a wine tasting. At Palmer both kids and adults both can have a fun day in the sun and relax under the tents once the sun goes down.

Wine makes the days glow brighter, the conversations more interesting and food taste better. At the Palmer Vineyards you can take the kids and get away from your hectic everyday life for the weekend. Everyone can relax, have a great day outdoors, the adults can enjoy delicious wine and then return each year as a family tradition.


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All photos within this listing are the property of Palmer Vineyards - Riverhead, New York

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