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Attending Events at Long Island Wineries

Posted by Amanda on 1/24/11

The Long Island wineries have been chosen to provide space for many events. Weddings and even corporate events have been held in these environments. The thing to remember whenever you are attending is that you will be able to taste a variety of wines and you can count on tastefully prepared foods that will pair well with all of the wines you will be served at the event. Here are a few of the things that you can expect when attending events at wineries.

Vertical Tastings

One of the great ways you can get to know a winery is to taste the differences in wines from several years. Since opening several bottles of wine only to take a few sips is not a common occurrence, large events provide the right atmosphere for this to make sense. You will be given information about the weather in the different years and how it has affected the flavor of the wine. It is common for these vertical tastings to span five or more years at a time for a single varietal.


Even the most well-versed oenophile and sommelier have something to learn about wine. Attending the lectures offered by the professionals at the Long Island wineries offers you the opportunity to learn something more than just the grapes used in the wine you are drinking. You can learn about the history of the vine as well as the process the wine goes through on its way to becoming what you are tasting. It is not uncommon to take notes at these kinds of events.


Many worry about the kinds of clothes that they should be wearing to these kinds of events. Keep in mind that the common Long Island winery has a very relaxed atmosphere. They will likely encourage those holding the event to come in short sleeves and light slacks. A light jacket may be a good idea if the event is a corporate event or a wedding. It is not common to wear ties when attending these kinds of events, but again, that is completely up to the organizer and the type of event you are attending.

The Long Island wineries are accustomed to having events on their vineyard. You can count on an elegant production for every event. Be prepared to witness an event that is well-organized and impeccably executed as these vintners take their craft very seriously.

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