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White Zinfandel Wine Guide

Posted by Amanda on 10/20/10

White Zinfandel wine may not be one of the oldest wines of record however as far back as the 1880’s bottles of wine bore the label Zinfandel in California. The 1980’s brought a huge trend in drinking red wine for medical purposes all across the United States. At that time, vineyards in California were planting zinfandel grapes by the county since these grapes grew very well in the state. As white wine started becoming popular, wineries began researching and testing to see if a white wine could be created from the zinfandel grapes as their were acres upon acres of zinfandel grapes in California. This was the beginning of White Zinfandel Wine.

The way in which white wine is created from zinfandel grapes is the wine maker must remove the red skins from the grapes. Without the skins, the wine will be lighter in color, will be sweet to taste, and will not have the harsh flavors associated with red wines. This method was the beginning of blush wines.

Not many wine connoisseurs favor white zinfandel wine, as it is a young and sweet wine. Many often consider that the wine should not be included in the group of fine wines; however, others truly love the pale rose very sweet wine that was born in the 1980’s. White Zinfandel is one of those wines that scream summer day by the pool or as an enhancement to a crisp fruit salad. In many cases, beginning wine drinkers start with white zinfandel instead of some of the harsh and bitter wines that take some getting use to before loving. One reason beginner wine drinkers start with the white zinfandel and its very sweet flavor is that many are use to all kinds of sweet drinks from sodas to Kool-Aid; they already have a sweet tooth so to speak. This way the taste buds can enjoy a sweet wine before heading off to dryer wines.

White Zinfandel wine is a great compliment for foods such as pastas with cream bases, fish, light meals, and pork. This wine has a citrusy light flavor often described as orange, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, or cherry. You can even find white zinfandel that have fruit juices added prior to bottling for new flavor sensations.

White zinfandel should be served at a temperature of 54 degrees Fahrenheit. This is not a wine you take directly out of your refrigerator and drink, as it will be too cool. You should allow this wine to warm up a bit before drinking. This is also not a wine that should be aged. This is a wine that should be drunk within six months of its creation.

Do not listen to anyone about what they believe about white zinfandel until you try it for yourself. No wine goes with everything and white zinfandel does have a place among the many wines that you enjoy. The next time you are having an outdoor event on a summer day, serve white zinfandel, your guests will fall in love.

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