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Planning a Vineyard Wedding

Posted by Amanda on 11/19/09

Have you dreamed of having an outdoor wedding with the beauty of a vineyard as your backdrop? Possibly, you may have dreamed of the intimacy found in the wine cellar with the aroma of your favorite wine in the air. No matter, the reason, a vineyard wedding is possible and will be a very memorable event.

You may not realize this, but there are vineyards in just about every state in the United States. You can choose a vineyard and have a beautiful wedding as well as a reception and have all your dreams come true at the same time.

Let's plan a vineyard wedding. First, we need to start with the invitations. All of the various cards you use for your wedding and reception should highlight grapes and vineyards including the save-the-dates, invitations, and thank-you notes. All the paper should blend in with the color of grapes such as white and purple or rich browns and gold’s to match the vineyard. The vineyard itself may be able to help you choose the colors for your invitations and other note cards that will fit perfectly with the décor of the winery.

The decorations and décor once again will be up to the type of wedding or reception you desire. If you plan an elegant wedding or country wedding, you may wish to choose the décor appropriately. Once again, you can choose white and purple using grapes and even purple flowers to create the outdoor theme indoors. The country themed wedding at the vineyard is easy to create with picnic baskets busting with fruits, flowers, gourds, and grapes. Add just a few candles and your reception will be truly elegant or simple with a romantic appeal.

Some couples often choose a theme that will transform the vineyard to a Tuscan villa providing images of the Italian countryside with colors of green, mauve, and gold. The lines are accented with gilded charges and the glassware is gold flecked. Hang some Spanish moss, flowers in terra cotta pots, and you will embrace the atmosphere found in Tuscan.

The menu of course, must include wine. Choose food pairings and wine that will compliment one another. The desserts should also be served with another wine. Remember, this is a vineyard wedding with all the trimmings of a winery. Enjoy all the delightful wines available. You could even choose to sample a wide array of wines at your reception. Who said you had to serve food? You could serve desserts and wine, cheese and wine, or whatever else you desire.

When you pass out the favors, once again be sure that they are wine related such as sterling silver wine stoppers or mini bottles of wine.

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