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The Debate over Screw Top Enclosures

Posted by Amanda on 11/20/12

There is a heated debate in the wine world about the kinds of closures used for wines. There are some Long Island wineries using screw top enclosures for their wines that bring the discussion right to your doorstep. The use of cork is still preferred by most oenophiles. The argument goes beyond tradition and denotes the idea of character when talking about the wine as it awaits its time in the glass.

The main argument for screw top enclosures is that you will never have to worry about a cork going bad. The seal on the wine bottle is the same kind of seal you would find on any beer bottle or canning lid that has been used for the past century. The airtight enclosure assures that the wine will not be damaged by air or suffer from evaporation as long as the seal remains intact.

Some do not like the idea of Long Island wineries using screw top enclosures because they worry about the lack of couth it entails. Opening a $30 bottle of wine from a local winery would have the same amount of ceremony as opening up a soda. These individuals prefer the actual performance of removing the cork to let them know they are drinking a wine of good quality.

Like it or not, the screw top enclosure has its followers of people who feel strongly that it is a superior enclosure method. While there are sure to be some Long Island wineries that will hold out, others are starting to be converted. Lowered processing costs and minimal waste from bad corks has led many on Long Island to at least consider the possibility of using a screw top enclosure. The added benefit to those who purchase these kinds of wines is that they can be stored any way you want to.

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