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Private Label Long Island Wines

Posted by Amanda on 9/4/12

One great way you can enjoy the wines you purchase from Long Island wineries even more is to seek out the possibility of having your own labels made for the bottles. These personalized private labels are a wonderful way to enjoy the bottles of wine you purchase from the wineries even more. You will be able to choose from a variety of looks as well as putting your name on the label.

Before you will be able to proceed, it is important to remember that not all of the wineries offer this kind of service. You will need to check with the different wineries before making the assumption that they will offer this service. If they do offer the service, there will be a slight feel attached to every bottle of wine you will have to pay before you will be able to get the wines you are looking for.

Choosing Your Label

Once you have found the Long Island wineries you are looking to get your label through, you will need to choose the kind of label you want to put on the wine bottle. If it is strictly for personal use, you can just add your name to the existing label. You can also replace the name of the winery with your own name if you choose.

If you are having an event, you may want to put the logo of the event on the label. This will allow you to serve the wine to your guests while showing off that the wines were made just for the event. It is a fun way to get even more attention for the event by those who are in attendance.

Printing Time and Costs

Keep in mind that the process to get the label on the bottle will take a while. They will have to send the information to the printer to get the label made in the first place. They will then need to affix the label to the wine bottle so that it bears the appearance you are looking to use. This will generally add anywhere from 2-5 weeks to the amount of time you will be able to receive the wine.
The costs you can expect will vary from one winery to the next. In general, you can expect an additional per bottle cost of a few dollars. There are discounts offered when making a purchase in bulk or if you are planning to serve the wine on the premises of the Long Island winery. These are issues you will want to discuss with the winery.

Caring for Your Label

Even though you may be tempted to display the bottle upright in your home or office, remember that there is still wine inside of the bottle. Unless there is an artificial cork or a screw top enclosure, you will need to store it at an angle to prevent any damage to the wine itself. Also, try to make sure that the wine will never be in direct sunlight so that the flavors are preserved.

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