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The Grapes of Roth

P.O. Box 114
Sag Harbor, NY 11963
631 725 7999

The Grapes of Roth

Roman Roth is the wine mastermind behind The Grapes of Roth. His many years spent educating himself in wine and the processes to make it delicious and delightful have paid off. His experience makes wine taste great and keeps visitors coming back to taste the wine, hear the stories and write a few of their own.

His story is one that began of humble beginnings and if you are a wine lover, then you probably have tasted one of his wines or been to a winery where his story or his life has touched the production of the way wine is made. He apprenticed for years to ensure that his knowledge was top notch and became a winemaker, worked for Wolffer Estates and now is making The Grapes of Roth wine that is his signature.

He has the awards that have made him great and he has the wines that are either sold out or on a waiting list. That alone should prove how well known and respected that this wine lover and maker is. The current vintage is the 2003 Merlot with its notes of fruit it gives steak and lamb dishes a fine accompaniment. The 2008 Riesling has fruity notes of peach, lime zest, and green apple with its acidity that pleases every palette. These are available for purchase and good thing to because a majority of The Grapes of Roth selections are sold out or on a waiting list.

Roman Roth is wine. Whether you have met him or been to a winery that serves his wine, he has touched your wine experience in more than one way or another. Wine starts with gentle processes that take time and then once it is in your glass swirl it around, smell its aroma, and take it in slowly. Roman would appreciate that.


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