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Discover Long Island White Wines

Posted by Amanda on 12/22/11

Just as much as Long Island wineries are known for the red wines they produce, they are also known for the light and crisp white wines that they create. These are known not only to be crisp and light, but they have been known to be pungent as well. The exotic notes that can be detected in many of these wines make them perfectly suited to being enjoyed along with a meal as they are enjoyed on their own. Because white wines are bets when served chilled, these wines are a favorite while dining on seafood waterside.

Most people enjoy tasting the different oaked white wines whenever they are drinking Long Island whites. These include the oaky and deeply satisfying chardonnays that have been enjoyed in homes and restaurants throughout the region. These oaked wines utilize French Oak in most barreling processes that produces deep flavors and a full body that is hard to find in other wines. These wines are full of character and can hold their own even when paired with saucy dishes.

Those looking for a lighter white wine from Long Island wineries can enjoy sauvignon blanc, chenin blanc, pinot grigio and others. The different blends of grapes offer a meritage that is truly something to enjoy. The lightness of the wine paired with the light mineral quality of the wines makes these a perfect addition to any summer or spring meal you might be planning.

Whenever serving these Long Island winery white wines, make sure that you are not chilling them too much. They are best served just warmer than ice water. A slightly warmer white wine will allow you to enjoy more of the fruity or oaky qualities in the wine as cold mutes some of the flavors that might be lying in wait in every glass.

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