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Learning More about Long Island Wines

Posted by Amanda on 8/24/12

If you are visiting Long Island wineries, you do not have to be an expert in regards to the different kinds of wines. All you need to do is have an open mind about what you are drinking and the flavors you are encountering. By learning more about the different wines, you will be able to enjoy it even more. The more you learn about the wines you are enjoying, the deeper your enjoyment will be. This is because you will be able to understand why you taste what you taste and how you can choose wines that will reflect the kinds of flavors you enjoy.

Taking Tours and Enjoying Lectures

One of the best ways you can learn about these wines is to tour the different wineries. Schedule
tours with a few wineries
so you can enjoy all of the different flavors as well as different scenery. You will be able to see the facilities as well as learning about the process of cultivating grapes and processing them into the different wines you want to purchase.

Lectures are often held at these Long Island wineries by the vintners. They speak to guests about the different grapes, their history and the effect of terroir on the outcome of the wine. This allows you to have a better understanding of the wine as well as the winery in terms of producing the wines you enjoy. Attend lectures talking about the grapes that incorporate wine tastings so you will be able to solidify the relationship for the information in your mind.

Sampling from Different Wineries

Another great way you will be able to learn about the different wines is that you will be able to taste wines from a variety of Long Island wineries. You will be able to take notes about the different areas and how the wines vary in flavor based upon where they are in terms of distance to the coast or elevation. The best way to taste the difference between these kinds of wines is to make sure that you taste the wines from the different wineries side by side.

Purchase wines from these different wineries so you will be able to taste these wines side by side. After you have purchased the different wines, you can have a horizontal tasting. Sampling different wineries using the same grape allows you to taste the difference in the grapes and in the kinds of conditions under which they are grown. Compare notes with friends to get an even better understanding of the complexity of the wines you are tasting.

Never Stop Learning

There always seems to be something you can learn about the wines you are drinking. Make sure you are always willing to try out something new and to receive information about the different kinds of wines. There is hardly a better reason to keep learning than when you are talking about drinking wine. Even if you have no intention of knowing as much as a sommelier, having a deeper understanding will allow you to enjoy the wines from Long Island wineries even more.

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